Nic Vegter



20 years in the art of electronic dance music.

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Nic’s love for music started at a very young age.
Because his parents owned a recordstore, he listened to and experienced every important music style from the sixtees, seventees, eightees and ninetees.
A piano in their home helped Nic learn and develope the basics of playing instruments. And boy, he loved to play!

At the age 16 Nic bought his first keyboard. A Roland W30 sampling workstation.
He started making demo’s and worked with some singers to make popmusic.
Some nice records were made from 1991 till now!
Having worked with Twenty-four Seven frontman Stay-C and producing the dutch top-2 hit ‘A moment zonder jou’ with dutch artist Nasty and 2-Static,
Nic got pretty experienced producing and composing music.

Later, while Studiing law at Utrecht University, Nic had plenty of time discovering the dutch clubsound.
Spending weekly time at the Roxy and Escape venue in Amsterdam, Nic learned the fine art of EDM. Especially techno and trance.
So mid-ninetees Nic had his first dance-release with the famous Rotterdam-based label Basic Beat of Ronald Molendijk. ‘Aquaphonic’ was a very creative track
and picked up by Nick Warren for the Global Undergraound compilation.

In persue of new creativity, Nic worked with several dance-artist.
With Mirko van Dommelen, known for his techno-work with Secret Cinema and Michel de Heij, Nic started Classified Project.
Their first release hit ‘Resurrection’ hit number one in the first week of release.
Succes had to come big!
After ‘Resurrection’ more than a 100 releases followed under many guises.
Some were under his solo names: Nic Vegter / Nickelson / Nicholas Freeman.
Noteworthy is Nickelson’s bootleg-track ‘Yin’, sampled of a Hans Zimmers soundtrack ‘The Last Samurai’ which was one of his most beautiful solotracks.
It was picked up by Judge Jules big time and was a future favourite tune on Armin’s A State of Trance.
But an official release of that version was not possible. The sample could not be cleared.

Other projects were formed with various artist at a lot of labels.
The Infernal Machine was signed to Paul van Dyk’s Vandit label, Sienna was signed at and remixes were made for Tiesto’s famous Forbidden Planet,
Classified Project was signed in the UK at the Mondo label, and the list of releases went on and on.

But most important was his project with Raz Nitsan.
In 2003 under the name ‘Solid Globe’ big trance succes was realised.
When their track ‘Northpole’ was release first on Tiesto’s compilation cd ‘Nyana’,
many DJ’s started to notice this epic tune and started to play it bigtime.
Millions of copies were sold on a ton of compilation cd’s.
It’s is being re-released once in a few years and there are over 100 remixes made of this evergreen trancer!
Also Solid Globe did quite some remixes for the likes of Armin and Ferry Corsten.

After Solid Globe, Nic had to take a mental break from music.
He did one final solo record. A collaboration with the succesful austrian band ‘Aromabar’ . The track ‘Winterpageant’ wasn’t a hit, but surely a very good last effort.

But, when music is such a big thing in your life, you just cannot turn your back on it.
So NIC is back in 2014!

In september NIC wil release “Sentinel” @ X-Ceptional Recordings and a new CLassified Project called “Awesome” @ Blackhole Recordings.

Nic Vegter aka:

Nicolas Freeman
Solid Globe
Classified Project
The Infernal Machine