CJ S.A.Y (Alexander Shilov)


Alexandr Shilov (Cj S.a.y.) was born in Russia (Sakhalin). He graduated in piano school in 1997, then studied on a programmer in Valdivostok.At the age 16 he started making his first music. Just for a friends, as a hobby.In 2003 he came back to Sakhalin and founded his own small advertising campaign. At the same time he started to work as a financial director in a group of companies in Sakhalin. And there wasn’t any time for a music at this time… Only just as a listener.

But in 2014 he decided to return in a world of music. One year of hard working as a trance producer let him sign his first contract with Andromeda Recordings Label in February 2015 and release his first tracks: “Overdose”, “Inanis” and ” White & black”. This release recieved some feedbacks from DJs (like Manuel Le Saux and Giuseppe Ottaviani). Not real support, just feedbacks. But it was enough to engage seriously in trance music. Now he already have many feedbacks from Djs all over the world and real supports from Guto Putti (Aevus), Arman Dinarvand, Dan Delaforce, THE WIZARD DK, Asla, Qomplainerz Trance, Alex John Georgoulis and others.

Released tracks/EPs:

“Overdose EP” (Andromeda Recordings, 2015-04-30)
“Broken Souls With Inner Demons EP” (Elliptical Recordings, 2015-06-25)
“Wrath of A Beast EP” (Andromeda Recordings, 2015-08-20)
“Never Slow Down” (Intelegent Music, 2015-08-21)
“The Antipode Waves EP” (Elliptical Recordings, 2015-09-17)
“Two Worlds / Sandstorm EP” (Elliptical Recordings, 2015-11-27)
“Dark & Light Side Of The Past EP” (Elliptical Recordings, 2016-03-12)
“Beyond / Can’t Breathe (AlYf Recordings, 2016-05-09)
“Rhythm Of Life / Unknown dancer EP” (Delaforce Recordings, 2016-05-16)

Very soon will be released his new tracks with Trallion Recordings and Azura Recordings.

As Alexandr said, now he has a lot of strength and energy to continue his work as a producer of trance music.

Contact information:
Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/CjSay001
SoundCloud page – https://soundcloud.com/cj-say
Beatport – https://www.beatport.com/artist/cj-s-a-y/467247