Asura 005 – Guto Putti pres. StarFights – Fallback / Radiate (Out on Promos)

Asura Recordings upcoming release 005 is a debut of the Italo-brazilian producer Guto Putti from São Paulo, Brazil, with his brand new alias “StarFights”. Some of his other aliases are Amazon, Aevus, Red Clouds Syndicate, Aevus vs. Nickelson, Aevus & Enfortro and others. The promo pack has two new uplifting productions including A. Side “Fallback” and B. Side “Radiate”. In this new alias Guto Putti tested a few new synths and elements in two very unique and energetic uplifting tracks. We hope you like the tunes and any support is much appreciated from our label.
Release date April 02, 2016


O próximo release da Asura Recordings (005) é a estreia do Italo-brasileiro Guto Putti Aevus – Guto Putti (SãoPaulo, Brasil) com o seu novo projeto “StarFights”. Alguns projetos do produtor incluem, Amazon (Offshore Music), Putti (TRC Italia- Saifam), Aevus, Red Clouds Syndicate, Aevus vs. Nickelson, (Asura Asura Recordings) Aevus & Enfortro ( Trance Terminal Recordings ) entre outros.
O promo da música inclui duas produções uplifting (138 BPM). Lado A. “Fallback” e lado B. “Radiate”. Neste projeto Guto Putti testou alguns synths e elementos novos dentro de dois exclusivos releases. A data de lançamento está prevista para 02 de Abril de 2016 na 

Track Previews:

(lado A) “Guto Putti pres. StarFights – Fallback” (preview)…/guto-putti-pres-starfight…/s-GgMGr…

(lado B) “Guto Putti pres. StarFights – Radiate” (preview)…/guto-putti-pres-starfight…/s-Mm7RS…